Mentorship Programme

About the Organisation
UPeksha has introduced various leadership and confidence-building programmes for both
schools and colleges. UPeksha as an organisation has introduced Model UN Conferences as a
mode of education to students by conducting workshops and also assisting them in organising
their own Model UN Conferences. UPeksha has also helped numerous pre-university aspirants
with their entrance examination preparation.
After the success of the first UPeksha Mentorship Programme, we are organizing the second
edition of the Mentorship Programme from August 15, 2020 – September 15, 2020.

About the Programme
We have partnered with numerous legal experts and organizations to provide the mentees
with experience in the areas of legal research, writing, editing, oral advocacy and professional
development. The mentees will be divided into groups of 6 or 7 and then will be taught by each
Mentor through online classes and practice exercises. There will be guest lectures from experts
in areas such as legal research, editing, mooting, internship application tips, tips to develop
your CV, etc. The guest lectures will be delivered by legal professionals who are currently
working in law firms, under Sr. Advocates or Supreme Court judges, and even graduates from
foreign universities.
The main components taken by the Mentors (each Mentor taking one component) would

Legal Research: Online classes and research assignments with constant feedback from the

Legal Editing: Online classes and editing assignments with constant feedback from the
Mentor. The classes will be focussed on understanding the difference between copy editing
and content editing and what each of these individually entail, with the larger goal of acing
editorial board tests. There will also be a brief introduction to citations as per the Bluebook
20th Edition.

Legal Writing: Research-Creation to eventually lead to a blogpost. Guidance provided by the

Public Speaking and Oratory Skills: Modules to help improve and develop public speaking
and oratory skills. The Mentor will provide guidance through the modules and a short
interactive assignment at the end of the course.

Professional Development (CV, SOP, Interviewing skills): This segment is aimed at
developing professional skills by specifically targeting communication skills, both oral and
written. Therefore, we have chosen three very important skills and they are: how to better
structure CVs, how to write eye-catching cover letters, and how to prepare for
interviews. Sessions under this segment will be focussed on helping students with the very
basics of these skills with the help of examples and assignments.


  •  Law Students and Researchers
  • Able to commit to the programme for a minimum of 1 month
  •  Ability to adhere to deadlines
  •  Access to Internet

Amount / Fee
INR 3199 /-



Amicus Partners Scholarship: Amicus Partners has offered scholarships for 2 deserving
candidates. These would be in the amount of full fee waivers.

International Scholarship: We provide one international student (from outside SAARC) a full
fee waiver.

Selection Process

Send your CV, details (name of law school, which year you are in, place of residence), whether
you would have any commitments from August 15 – September 15, and a short description as
to what you are expecting from the mentorship programme and how it will help you
to by 10th August 2020.
At the end of the programme the participants will be provided with a certificate.


Here are a few reasons why you should consider the programme:

  • Our Course has been created by National University of Singapore and NALSAR University of Law Scholars.
    There are 5 Mentors each with vast experience and all are NALSAR University of Law alumni.
  • A few accolades of the Mentors: Won several accolades in International moots, published extensively in international journals and blogs, vast editorial experience, past teaching experience.
  •  The work does not require you to be glued to your laptop for the entire day. You can expect the time commitment to be around 1-2 hours every day.
  • You will directly be working with professionals.
  • The mentorship programme has been carefully designed to train students in legal research,writing, editing, public speaking and oratory skills, and professional development.
  • There might be group meetings but most of the work will be discussed through individual meetings with Mentors.
  •  You will be given assignments for each course. This will be followed by group discussions and feedback by the mentors.


For any questions/queries contact



For any questions/queries contact